Land Clearing, Grinding and Storm Debris Removal

Land Clearing

Grinding / Land Clearing / Storm Debris Removal

Whether it’s a construction or demolition project or storm cleanup, Fick Supply is the premier choice for land clearing.

As part of Fick Supply’s ongoing commitment to meet our client’s needs, we added our land clearing and grinding service ten years ago. In those ten years, we’ve perfected this service to better serve our customers in a manner that fits our core values. Our fleet of specialized equipment and expert team ensures that your land clearing project is performed quickly and efficiently.

Our fleet consists of:

  • Two Peterson 5710D Tracked 1050hp horizontal grinders(Our mobility onsite will reduce your support time needed by as much as 50%)
  • Two Excavators with Rotobec 360 degree rotating grapple and or Krypto Klaw Buckets (which ups production by 20-30%)
  • Spiral Cone Splitter for reducing any size stump or logs
  • Service Support Vehicles that come with the operator in case of breakdowns
  • Nine walking floor tractor trailers for haul off
  • Partners with 40’ steel dump trailers for jobs that are too small to warrant the grinder
  • A 22-acre licensed compost facility to take material (along with partners on the Illinois side for logistics)
  • Master Logger Certified partners – with two tracked hillside- hot saw feller bunchers, and two grapple skidders

Client showcase

Our client list currently includes Goodwin Brothers, Kolb Excavating, Bloomsdale Excavating, Magruder Construction, KCI Construction, Ballmann Earthworks, XL Contracting, Kingsford Manufacturing, as well as many other municipalities and counties around the eastern part of Missouri. Most of these clients have established partnerships with Fick Supply, continuing to return to us for this service because of their satisfaction with our performance and pricing.

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