Clean Fill Disposal

Clean Fill

Clean Fill Disposal

An important aspect of any good construction job is properly disposing of waste materials created by the site, and that includes uncontaminated or “clean” waste such as dirt, concrete, sand and more. These clean fill waste materials can be recycled or reused in future construction or landscaping projects. Fick Supply’s clean fill disposal service will accept and repurpose the materials into useful landscaping products.



Dirt, clay, brick, sod, sand, rock, concrete free of rebar.

Not Accepted

Asphalt, any kind of wood, grass, mulch, trash, rebar


Pickup trucks & trailers $60.00 per load. We consider a truck and trailer 2 loads. Single Axle Dump truck $115.00 per load. Tandem Axle dump truck $175.00 per load.

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