Dyed Mulch Do’s and Don’ts
Dyed Mulch Do’s and Don’ts

Dyed Mulch
When you are handling dyed mulch use the same precautions you would as if you were painting a fence or the outside of your house. Wear the proper apparel and NEVER apply it in the rain.

• Put down a tarp on any concrete surface to protect it from the residual dye.
• Use gloves and expendable clothing when spreading the mulch.
• Spread the mulch no more than 3” thick.
• Allow the mulch at least 24 hours to dry before any watering.
• Turn over the mulch to freshen up the color.

• Dump on concrete surfaces.
• Re-Top the mulch if the depth is 3” thick.
• Spread the mulch in the rain.

Helpful Hints and Information
• All dyed mulch has residual dye.
• Dye is water soluble.
• Dye is non-toxic and biodegradable: iron oxide (red), carbon (black).
• Carbon is any brown organic product : wood, leaves, grass clippings, etc.
• Mulch will retain moisture, suppress weed growth and provide mild erosion
• Color should last 1 to 1 1\2 years.

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