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At Fick Supply, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and satisfaction, and that includes the selection of products we offer. Browse the gallery below to view and learn more about each product. For the most accurate representation of product size, color and appearance, we recommend visiting our office to view your desired product(s) in person.

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Engineered Soil

Single Ground

Double Ground

Black Forest

Cedar Mulch

Dyed Red Mulch

Dyed Brown Mulch

Dyed Black Mulch

Coffee Fines Mulch

Natural Mulch

Grow Green Compost


Garden Mix


One Inch Minus

One Inch Clean


Meramec A Gravel

Meramec B Gravel

Meramec C Gravel

Meramec Pea Gravel

Large Red Lava Rock

Small Trap

Large Trap

Small Iowa Rainbow

Large Iowa Rainbow

Oversized Iowa Rainbow

Chicago Buff

Iowa Lake

Alabama Sunset


Playground Wood Chips

Oversized Alabama Sunset

Wisconsin Cobble

Leaf Mulch

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