Spring Clean Up

6 Steps to getting your garden back into shape.


  1. Remove Debris- Start your clean-up efforts by picking up larger items in the yard like fallen tree branches, then move on to raking up the dead leaves and remaining twigs. If you use a metal rake you can remove dead turf. By raking you are allowing the grass more sunlight exposure.

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  1. Prune & Trim-Trim back all overgrown shrubs, plants, and trees making sure to remove all diseased, dead or damaged parts. This is also a good time to cut back ornamental grasses. You can either compost all your yard waste to use on your garden, or bag it up and bring it to Fick Supply for a small disposal fee.


  1. Map Out Landscaping and Planting- Before you physically add your dream landscape elements, go outside with a notebook and sketch out any new ideas you may have for your project. It’s a low-cost way to explore options and prevent costly mistakes.

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  1. Amend Soil- Dig into your soils to add oxygen and to relieve compaction. Add Grow Green Compost and till in giving your plants a nice jump start with a nutrient-rich environment.


  1. Begin Planting!-Early spring can be beneficial for cold weather plants like Pansies, Sweet pea, and Poppies. If you have a vegetable garden you can plant lettuce, asparagus, spinach, and radish. Check with your local nursery to get planting dates for all your favorite perennials and annuals.


  1. Mulch-Mulching helps maintain moisture in your soil and it will also act as a weed barrier. Not only will it give your beautiful garden a clean polished look, but it is also very beneficial. Not sure which mulch to choose? Give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect mulch for your project.