Gardening Goals

Gardening may seem like a chore to many people, most may even hire others to do the task, but for those of us who love to get our hands dirty, it can be a rewarding, blissful experience. Just loving to garden isn’t always enough though, it’s the steps you take when planning a garden that are key to a successful garden, because the secret to a plentiful garden starts even before planting begins. Setting your gardening goals now helps create a prosperous, beautiful space that you will be proud of.

First you must decide what function your garden will hold. Do you want a vegetable/herb garden? A show stopping colorful floral display that will not only make you the talk of the town but create a habitat for butterflies, bees and hummingbirds? Or perhaps you’d prefer a lower maintenance garden that provides a gentle escape after a hard day’s work. No matter your gardening dream, planning and setting goals is the key. Studies show that setting, and committing to, physical goals provides consistent success throughout your process.

So, lets set some goals!

Join a Garden Club/Group

Facebook has great resources for all types of gardens. This Group is ran by the University of Missouri Extension Master Gardeners. If you have a question you can reach out and Ask a Master Gardener.

Find the best soil.

At Fick Supply our Garden Mix is a blend of pulverized and shredded Topsoil and our STA Certified Grow Green Compost.

Spend more time in your Garden.

Studies show spending time in nature has a calming effect on the brain and can improve your mental health.

Set End point

Knowing where you are going helps set the pace on getting there.

Know when to Plant

Make sure you are planting at the right times. You can find apps that have gardening planners like this one from the Farmers Almanac.





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