Applying your Grow Green Compost



Grow Green Compost is all natural.

Adding compost to your garden or lawn reduces the need for fertilizer, helps regulate soil pH, and improves moisture retention.

Compost incorporation prior to turf establishment:

Grow Green Compost applied to the soil surface at a rate between a one inch layer (approximately three cubic yards per 1,000 ft²) and a two inch layer (about six cubic yards per 1000 ft²) then incorporated into the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. In order to obtain maximum performance from your application make sure that the compost is thoroughly mixed with the soil and is not forming a layer at the surface.


Compost Applications on Established Turf:

Grow Green Compost is frequently used as surface applications (topdressing) on established turf. Topdressing provides a means of gradually incorporating organic matter into the soil without causing extensive disruption of the surface. When applying Grow Green Compost, it is important to apply a thin layer (about ¼ inch) and work it into the soil. The best way to incorporate compost into the soil is through aeration. A good method of incorporation is to apply the compost first, followed by several passes with an aerator. This operation is best performed during cool/moist seasons when grass is actively growing.


Compost Applications for Trees & Shrubs :

When planting a new tree or shrub, its best to work 1/2 inch to 1 inch of compost into the top 2 inches of soil from the trunk of the tree out to the dripline- the outermost parameter of the trees canopy.


Compost Applications for Annuals & Perennials:

In the spring, loosen the top few inches of annual and perennial beds and mix in a 1 inch layer of compost. Or in the fall, apply a 1 inch layer of compost as a mulch to protect plants roots from freezing and conserve moisture.


Compost Applications for Vegetable Gardens:

Give your vegetable garden plenty of compost in the fall. Spread several inches of compost on top of the existing bed, then till it into the soil in the springtime.